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The National Marine Register is a secure ISO certified database that provides you with the ability to store your unique asset details with confidence, secure in the knowledge that in the unlikely event of theft, police can access this information for on-the-spot verification, 24/7.

The National Marine Register will authenticate ownership of assets under question and will become a significant contributor to the thwarting of theft involving high-value assets.

You will need to login to the National Marine Register database after:

  • Contacting DataDot Technology for a customised asset protection solution, that will consist of:
    • DataDotDNA®
    • Warning stickers and signage.
  • Application of DataDotDNA® onto your property according to the supplied instructions , then apply the warning stickers and signage.

After you login you will able to input detailed data about your recently marked assets. Aside from some mandatory information required, such as your DataDot PIN identifier, you can add as much data as you want. This could even include condition, primary and secondary colours, and any other unique identifying features. The better picture you paint, the more identifiable your assets become, and far less attractive to potential thieves.

In the unlikely event of theft, you are also able to report an item as stolen, thus alerting police and enhancing the chance of recovering your property and aiding prosecution of offenders.

“The better picture you paint the more identifiable your assets become.”